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Ladenstein Sofa Rolf Benz

Freistil is the young branch of the venerable furniture icon Rolf Benz. Freistil sets to work in a bold, sporty and extravagant way. The furniture honours the timeless aspects of the parent brand but also ventures beyond. Contrary to the expectations of a brand from the Black Forest, Freistil symbolises modern, urban design.

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Ladenstein Freistil Rolf Benz Wohnzimmer
Ladenstein Freistil Rolf Benz Schlafzimmer
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Extravagant forms and many a bold colour scheme are a clear design statement that is in tune with our times. From sofas to dining tables, Freistil brings excitement to an apartment, but without being disruptive.


Experience the stylish elegance of Rolf Benz and the exciting design of Freistil at first hand in Graz. Directly next to the flagship store of Ladenstein in the Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße, we invite you into the first Rolf Benz store in Styria.

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