True to form

Ladenstein folding bed®

The original from the inventor of the folding bed®.

Ladenstein reinvented the folding bed 45 years ago as an innovative and stylish space-saving solution. It gives you back your living space by creating maximum room and storage space. It integrates seamlessly into the wall and floats perfectly above the floor as a bed. A customised one-off with unlimited design and material variety.

Perfectly shaped and space-saving.

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Added value. Ladenstein folding bed®

Perfectly shaped furniture manufactory

We will realise your plan in terms of shape, design and materials in our furniture manufactory. Perfectly, according to your wishes and specifications. Just the way you want it - perfect in form, with attention to detail.

Everything from one source

We offer you a full service: from furniture production and customised solutions to the manufacture of fittings in our metalworking shop and on-site assembly. This saves you time and effort and ensures consistent quality.

Realise special solutions

We can realise unusual ideas and functions: From folding beds and folding bars, elaborate room dividers and our own special fittings to kitchens that disappear completely behind the wall.

Technical refinement

We solve technical and structural challenges for you. We even produce technical solutions and functions ourselves: from fittings to static substructures.

A real Ladenstein

We manufacture what you specify. Perfect in every detail - in materials, colours and functions. Each piece of furniture is a real shop fitting with perfect quality.

Showrooms in Graz and Vienna

Use our showrooms for meetings and sampling. And impress your customers with finished furniture and rooms on site.

Stress-free and on time

Furniture and room realisation - from production to assembly. On time, of course.

Perfectly shaped unique pieces

Ladenstein stands for perfectly shaped unique pieces. Every piece of furniture and every room is an unmistakable one-off that uniquely translates the personality of your company.

Rooms with identity

Rooms need character and identity. That's why we make the special features of your company visible: with furniture and rooms that reflect your brand and corporate philosophy.

Make the brand visible

We translate your brand into the space. We adapt colours, shapes, furniture and design elements to your company - with branded rooms that perfectly reflect your brand image.

Effective rooms

Many of our customers want rooms and furniture that have an impact and are representative. So that you can inspire your customers and impress them with perfect quality.

Binding employees

We love creating branded spaces for employee retention. When spaces help to improve your working environment, create a sense of well-being and trigger desire.

Unlimited variety of materials for your folding bed.









Augmented reality experience

See the folding bed in your room for yourself.

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