True to form

Ladenstein customised furniture®

True individuality knows no boundaries.

You can probably already guess. Every piece of furniture is unique and perfectly shaped. A unique piece of customised furniture that adapts to your wishes and rooms. With a limitless variety of surfaces and materials. Customised functions that are individually manufactured in our furniture factory and metalworking shop. Intelligent furniture – well thought-out and with a love of detail: from the swivelling TV section and folding table to the outdoor dining table.

Added value. Ladenstein Maßmöbel®

Perfectly shaped unique pieces

Every piece of Ladenstein customised furniture® is truly unique and one of a kind. Unmistakable and bespoke - from the raw material to the finished carcass.

Unlimited variety of materials

Concrete, wood, metal, Corian or would you prefer ceramic? The variety and combinability of surfaces and materials for the realisation of your rooms is literally limitless.

Simply lasting value

Ladenstein customised furniture® is a long-term investment. Stable in value for many years. So that you can enjoy your furniture for a long time. Perhaps even for a lifetime.

Form in completion

All Ladenstein customised furniture® combines design, form and functionality into a single unit. Perfectly shaped furniture with an identity that adapts to your room.

Really intelligent

Customers love our well thought-out and intelligent furniture: from the Ladenstein folding bed®, our TV swivel unit to the height-adjustable table or the invisible dirty kitchen.

A real Ladenstein

With Ladenstein furniture, we fulfil a quality and brand promise. As a customer, you receive a REAL Ladenstein. An unmistakable original and unique piece.

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Customised furniture.
From the living room to the garden.

Living room


Cupboard spaces




Understanding: We listen carefully. We create a common understanding of your wishes and define the requirements of your customised furniture in detail.

Ideas: During the furniture consultation, initial ideas and solutions are developed, which are then incorporated into the planning and design.

Feedback: You will receive constructive and honest feedback at every consultation – even if you may not like some of the answers.

Visions: Our goal? To start your mental cinema – with spatial visions of your Ladenstein Möbel®.

Planning & design

Your thoughts are racing. Your head starts to tingle. The first ideas bubble up. The pencil is sharpened and the first furniture designs are created. The best idea is determined and visualised with great attention to detail – in 2D and 3D. We present your Ladenstein made-to-measure furniture® in a well-thought-out and perfectly formed way – with a colour and material concept.


Planning becomes reality. Hundreds of parts and components are used to create your Ladenstein made-to-measure furniture®. The carcass is produced in the carcass production department. Customised functions and visible fittings are manufactured in our metalworking shop. In the solid wood cutting department, mouldings and edge banding are produced and the sanding machine ensures the perfect surface with a special grain. Your furniture feels the fabric or leather for the first time. Your customised furniture is assembled and the perfect form takes its course.

Assembly & Life

It is 07.00 in the morning. The light switches on. Our lorry is already waiting and the journey of your Ladenstein-Maßmöbel® begins. With clean soles and white floor mats, we enter your home. Now it’s time for assembly. In just a few hours, your customised furniture will be ready for use and waiting for the perfect handover with valuable tips on how to use it.

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