True to form

Ladenstein Kitchens®

Real masterpieces. From pencils to wooden spoons.

Each of our Ladenstein kitchens is a truly unique piece. A masterpiece and one of a kind. We have been developing and producing customised kitchens in our joinery and furniture factory since 1932 – from the raw material to the finished carcass. When an idea in pencil is transformed into a perfectly shaped kitchen that adapts to the room. With a limitless variety of materials, shapes and functions. Attention to detail and well thought out – from the invisible food and folding system to the plug-in system for the cooking spoon.

Added value. Ladenstein Kitchens

Unmistakable unique pieces

Every Ladenstein kitchen is a customised one-off and unique. A kitchen that adapts 100% to the room and your wishes: unique and perfectly shaped.

Naturally lasting value

We build kitchens for generations. Durable, sustainable and stable in value - your long-term investment for many years to come.

Simply perfect form

Your Ladenstein Kitchen® integrates harmoniously and seamlessly into the room. Creates a true symbiosis - between design, form and intelligent functionality.

Quite intelligent

We develop sophisticated kitchens with integrated functions. For example, with concealed work surfaces, a pull-out kitchen bar or an invisible dirty kitchen.

A real Ladenstein

With Ladenstein kitchens® we fulfil a quality and brand promise. As a customer, you receive a genuine Ladenstein. An unmistakable original and one of a kind.

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Your individual material mix with limitless variety.










Understanding: We listen carefully. We create a shared understanding of your wishes and define the requirements of your kitchen in detail.

Ideas: During the kitchen consultation, initial ideas and solutions are developed, which are then incorporated into the planning and design.

Feedback: You will receive constructive and honest feedback at every consultation – even if you may not like some of the answers.

Visions: Our goal? To start your mental cinema – with spatial visions of your Ladenstein Kitchen®.

Planning & design

What is your favourite dish? Roast pork or would you prefer Kaiserschmarren? To turn your kitchen into a space for cooking and living, we think about the requirements, procedures and cooking processes: from cutting vegetables to simply washing up.

We then plan and design your kitchen in detail. Combining design, form and function. This is the only way to create a perfectly designed Ladenstein kitchen that integrates seamlessly into your living space and makes cooking a pleasure.


The raw materials for your kitchen are delivered. Our circular saw is started. An employee heats up the sewing machine while cutting the veneer. The material lies on a joint by the CNC machine and waits for perfectly shaped joints. The handcrafted production and transformation of your Ladenstein Kitchen® takes place.

There is still a short resting phase in our joinery and furniture factory. The sanding varnish has a three-day break before the kitchen becomes a solid body. Your Ladenstein kitchen is in the factory, undergoes a final check and awaits its final destination.

Assembly & Life

It is 07.00 in the morning. The lights come on. Our lorry is already waiting and your kitchen’s journey begins. With clean soles and white floor mats, we enter your home. Now it’s time for the installation. In just a few hours, your Ladenstein Kitchen® will be ready for use and waiting for the perfect handover with valuable tips on kitchen utilisation.

"Our kitchens impress with their perfect form and integrate seamlessly into your living space."

Erwin Ladenstein

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