True to form

Planning & room concepts

Perfectly shaped rooms with identity.

We see the room as a whole. We believe in the power of the idea. We are planners, designers and realisers. We develop room concepts that are intelligent and perfect in form. To create harmonious rooms that work together in design and function. Rooms that unmistakably reflect the customer’s personality – with the right mix of furniture, materials, colours and shapes.

Planning & room concepts

Room solutions for indoor to outdoor.


Understanding: Creating a shared understanding of your wishes and the requirements of the space – in depth.

Ideas: Developing initial ideas and solutions that inspire you and set your imagination in motion.

Feedback: Constructive and honest feedback on all your questions – even if you don’t like some of the answers.

Visions: Expanding your spatial horizons and creating visions together: for your rooms and furniture. So that the mental cinema starts after the consultation.

Concept & Design

We develop holistic room concepts that translate your wishes and personality into space and furniture. From planning, conception and brainstorming to realisation: perfect in form, strong in character and functional.

Requirements: All your wishes and ideas are listened to. The requirements for the rooms and furniture are clearly defined.

Conception & brainstorming: We start with a blank sheet of paper and develop ideas and solutions: with drafts, mood boards and a colour and material concept.

2D & 3D visualisations: Now it gets concrete. Your furniture and rooms take shape and are visualised by us in 2D and 3D – so that you can see what you have imagined.

Presentation & material advice

Now it’s getting exciting. Your furniture and room concept is waiting to be discovered by you.

Presentation: Look forward to a detailed presentation: with 2D/3D visualisations, mood boards and a colour and material concept.

Configuration: Based on the design, we work with you to configure the colours and materials for your rooms and furniture.

Presentation handover: You receive the finished presentation with the colour and material concept from us

Timing & offer

Preparation of quotation: Based on the drafts, we develop the quotation for you with the time schedule for realisation.

Discussing the offer: At a joint meeting, we discuss the offer, the services of the trades and the possible next steps.
possible next steps.

Production & assembly

Production: The production of your furniture and rooms takes place in our joinery and metalworking shop – from the raw material to the finished product. Everything from a single source: material procurement, work preparation, cutting, CNC and edge processing, manual production through to surface finishing.

Assembly: After production, the individual components are assembled to form the furniture. This shortens assembly on site and saves time.

Assembly: The furniture starts its journey to you. Our fitters enter your home on clean soles. Now it’s time to get to work. The furniture is assembled and the rooms are realised to perfection.

Some selected projects

In addition to producing high-quality pieces of furniture, we love to throw ourselves into projects large and small. In our eyes, the planning of complete residential complexes or houses is far more than the sum of the planning of its rooms. A harmonious living concept guides you through your home and emphasises the most beautiful elements of a building.

    "The customer's personality must be able to have an impact in the rooms and reflect their identity."

    Marcel Ladenstein

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